Consultants With International Latitude

Global Reach Partners

Global Reach Partners is a confederation of independent consultants who cooperate on projects in North America and Europe. Relationships forged by our members as they worked together in numerous international corporations have been assembled to create the foundation and structure of the organization. We are seasoned professionals, many with senior management experience, who can contribute as strategic advisors, as subject matter specialists in a tactical team, or as individual contributors in a wide variety of roles and settings.

Technology Focus

We specialize in bringing products and services to market on a global scale and keeping them competitive. Our primary areas of emphasis are networking and telecommunications, but the diversity of talent our group naturally attracts lets us add value across a wide range of applications. Our membership includes experts in product development, product management, marketing, promotion, and advertising who collectively possess a broad understanding of fixed, mobile, satellite, and software technologies plus the business background, international exposure, and project leadership skills to apply that knowledge effectively.

Global Reach Advantage

While retaining the freedom to operate independently, our members can easily add familiar partners to a project whenever their unique technical capabilities, local business expertise, or geographic location will remove an obstacle, improve a deliverable, or shorten a schedule. Because each member understands the strengths, international experience, and accomplishments of the others, Global Reach Partners can rapidly assemble a team with exactly the depth and breadth needed to make your next project a success.